IB - JEP - 27114 - 2006



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General Objectives

        Support of modernization of Russian transport sector by :
        Qualification/education of management and skilled staff and at the same time increasing the competences of Russian universities in the field of e-learning according to the national priority of the Russian government on modern educational technologies

Specific Aims and Objectives
  1. Increasing didactical competences and enhancement of capacities of Russian partner universities in the field of e-learning
  2. Examplificary development of e-learning courses for further training and education of employees of Russian railroad
  3. Development of an e-learning network for further training and education, in which Russian universities closely cooperate with Russian Railroad on the development of e-learning training courses
  4. Development and implementation of a benchmarking system used as a base for continuing improvement in the field of elearning

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